Welcome to Second Nature
Second Nature is proudly providing interior and exterior foliage design consultations, professional installations and maintenance since 1997.

We primarily service the homes and businesses of Johnson County and the Kansas City Metro area.

Second Nature purchases the finest foliage available from the superior nurseries of Kansas, California, Florida and Hawaii. We offer a multitude of interior and exterior plant containers.

Our highly trained horticulturists implements the standard of excellence. Premium maintenance of our client's flowers and plants provides them with the confidence of knowing their investment will always look the best.

We offer maintenance programs:
  • Lease plants and containers with guaranteed replacement program for interior plants
  • Purchase plants and containers. Replacement program optional for interior plants
  • Maintenance of your personal plants Interior and Exterior

Second Nature can complete your working environment and living space by surrounding you with the beauty of plants and flowers

The Benefits of Interior Plants:
  • Providing clean filter fresh air
  • Contribute to beautiful and inviting surroundings
  • Impress clients and guests
  • Increase property values
Our Services:
  • Design
  • Installations
  • Maintenance
  • Interior Plants
  • Exterior Plants
  • Containers

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